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updated 24/10/2014


We are fast approaching the end of the month of October. Weather-wise it has been exceptionally pleasant, and no doubt our Spiritan missionaries who came home to Ireland for a badly needed respite from the demands of mission life have enjoyed it too. Most have now returned to their pastoral ministries in many parts of the world, stretching from Brazil through Africa, Pakistan, Vietnam...and Downunder. Our prayers go with them.
Now, perhaps more than ever, we are called upon to support their ministry, and indeed have done so through the generosity of parishioners last weekend..MISSION SUNDAY.
One of Kimmage’s great comforts is to know that our Spiritans, who spent virtually all of their lives in Third-world countries, bringing the Word of God to others, see something of the fruit of their labours. The Church, especially in parts of Africa, is growing rapidly, and many of their young priests are moving to this world, to act as Missionaries to Ireland. Is there any doubt that they are needed? Our country, formerly the Island of Saints and Scholars, can no longer be honoured with such a title. However....God will not be forgotten. This God of Surprises is capable to transforming our land for the better, and it may well be that our young overseas Spiritans are part of His plan.
While we continue to pray for our country, let’s also trust in God that He has a Plan, right?