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A Message from Fr. Paul

Holy Week Schedule


Holy Saturday April 19th

No 6.00 p.m. evening Mass

9.00 p.m. – Solemn Easter Vigil.


Easter Sunday 20th April

10.00 a.m. Family Mass.

11.30 p.m. Folk Mass.


Easter Monday April 21st

Mass 10.00 a.m.



updated 18/4/2014


There is a song, popular many years ago, which began with the words: WE ARE FAMILY...this is who we Christians are. Thanks to the LOVE shown us by God in giving his son for us, we can shout aloud...ALLELUIA!!!!!!
We are family in our Faith, which shows us the reality of a God of the Universe, who gives meaning to our world. We are family in our Hope...the death and rising of Jesus from the dead destroys forever that terror we call Death. We are family in our Love, when like Jesus we show no favourites in reaching out the hand of friendship to others.
Kimmage Manor Parish is such a Family. The strong witness to our Faith in daily and weekly Mass is evidence of this. The smile in the midst of pain, sorrow and distress are signs of the Hope that is present in all of us. Our reaching out the hand of generosity and friendship to the elderly, the young, the forgotten, the abandoned...if this isn’t Love, then what is?

Fr.Tom and I want to express our deepest gratitude to the many members of our parish community who exemplify Family in the best of ways. Whether through Parish Pastoral Council, membership in vital parish groups such as Ministers of Communion, Readers, Family Mass Groups, individuals who do quiet ministries with the minimum of fuss or recognition...etc...etc.
all without exception bring to their ministries a joy and commitment that is wonderful to behold.

Fr.Tom and I wish all of you, everyone in the parish, the joys of the Risen Lord...and a new determination, guided by the Spirit to make this Parish your parish...this family your family.

                                                                                              Fr. Paul.